Dr. Willis E. McNelly

"I proposed to Frank Herbert that he and I collaborate on a prequel to the Dune saga called Prequel to Dune: the Butlerian Jihad or some similar title.  He and I had discussed writing it together and he agreed with my general plot outline, completed first chapter, and so on; but his untimely death prevented us from continuing.  The prequel would have followed in general terms the story as outlined in the Dune Encyclopedia — sketched in my notes — and written in final published form by one of my colleagues at Cal State.

"The details of the story which brought about the Jihad were my own creation, as I recall; and I named the character 'Jehanne' after Joan of Arc—the warrior saint.  As for the term 'Butlerian,' Frank was certainly referring to the Luddite anti-machine uprising in Britain at the beginning of the industrial revolution."

-- Dr. Willis E. McNelly, 1999

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